In 'The Jungle' refugee camp in Calais, France, Jungle Books is a library, school and cafe for people to read, learn and enjoy as a safe space in a situation of depravity and degradation.

In three wooden buildings built by refugee's and volunteers we provide English, French and music classes, one to one reading sessions, conversation classes, computer access and book lending. From people who want to learn the very basics of a language to those who spend hours pouring over classics like the BFG as well as those requesting books on Psychology, cardiology, coding and many more advance text's.

The Junge Cafe provides 200 young people and children 3 free meals a day in a designated safe space. The children are unaccompanied making Jungle Cafe their main source for food. The Cafe also provides lessons in music, French & English, recreational space, support and advice about asylum as well as workshop activities.  

We rely on your donations to help us provide and sustain a space that feels (as much as possible) like home!